Rethink the market target

Address consumer barriers

Packaging innovation is often initiated from a too general point of view regarding consumer acceptability. Trying to meet all the possible requirements of all consumers means, on the one hand, forgetting that consumers have contradictory expectations and injunctions with regard to packaging, but above all, this approach hides the fact that there are has multiple consumer profiles who have very different expectations and priorities dealing with food products and their packaging; rethink the market target can then consist in looking for specific consumer profiles accepting the packaging technology without adaptations, which are negative for other criteria such as environmental impacts.

It is easier to design packaging when its specifications are "negotiable"; regarding the consumer expectations; better than adapting the packaging to address all consumer profile specificities. The other option consists of looking for the consumer profiles and associated markets (products, locations, retailing specific routes), accepting the packaging technology more directly, without technical adaptations.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Look for consumer profiles and related markets better accepting packaging with less practicality.

(renewable and biodegradable packaging) look for consumer profiles and related markets better accepting such a technology.

(simple packaging showing good intrinsic environmental impacts but bad preservation performance) look for consumer profiles and related markets better accepting immediate consumption, short circuits, daily shopping.

Make a swot analysis to compare all alternatives (generic consumer target vs specific consumer target).

(elaborated packaging technology) look for consumer profiles and related markets looking for products with long shelf life/storage time.