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Improve packaging intrinsic environmental impact

The optimization of an isolated characteristic of technology can have negative consequences on environmental impacts other than those initially considered. Furthermore, optimizing the environmental impacts can negatively impact other barriers to market access for packaging technologies such as economic and industrial feasibility, regulatory barriers, lower consumer acceptability, etc. The silos effect communicating between a desired positive effect and unintended negative effects must be considered to identify technological choices representing a better compromise that better responds to all the constraints.

Ensure the market accessibility of the technology by inserting ecodesign approaches in a whole multicriteria optimization.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Check consequences of a single technology change targeting a specific environmental indicator on ALL environmental indicators.

Specifically check the consequence of packaging optimization on its functionality. If the functionality decreases, evaluate the consequence on food product shelf life and associated food losses.

Use an internal tool with empiric quotations of the packaging regarding its environmental impacts and other criteria such as consumer acceptance, cost, food safety risk, functionality, industrial technical feasibility; and compare this note to other packaging technical options.

Modulate the ponderations between the criteria in good accordance with your internal strategy. Environmental impacts should be with a high ponderation in all the cases.

A tool to measure recyclability, circularity and environmental impact of packaging (in NL)

A tool to develop a program of requirements, with sustainability as a focus. This can also aid in making a file on the 'essential requirements of the packaging and packaging waste regulation.

A model on the different perspectives on sustainable product-packaging combinations. Using five perspectives and balancing their influence on the product-packaging combination in their value chain and market.