Improve the recyclability

Improve packaging intrinsic environmental impact

Recycling* is the reprocessing of a material into a new product. Recyclability or design for recycling mainly means that the packaging is constructed in such a way that the packaging is fit for the recycling processes at hand and that these processes result in useful new resources. Unfortunately, there is not yet a formal definition for recyclability or design for recycling.

Recycling packaging material can lead to lower environmental impact. And it helps using less virgin resources.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Shift from multilayer to monomaterial.

Shift from non-recyclable multilayer material to a recyclable multilayer material.

Use compatible and or ultra-thin barrier layers.

Use a set of compatible materials.

Use glues compatible with other materials and thermoplastic.

Shift from non-separable components to separable components.

Prefer co-extruded material to another converting process.

Consider "recyclability" is not a theoretical property but an "industrial feasibility".

Means industrially feasible where the product is marketed.

Choose only recyclable materials

Avoid or limit the use of printing which decrease the quality of future recyclates.

Recycling’ shall mean the reprocessing in a production process of the waste materials for the original purpose or other purposes, including organic recycling but excluding energy recovery.