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Check and improve packaging food safety and organoleptic impacts

The control of the chemical risk associated with the migration of components from the packaging and migrating to food is the conjunction of the control of the danger and the exposure to this danger. Regarding the control of the danger, the approach consists of checking whether all the compounds used in the composition of the packaging are part of authorized lists (notion of the positive list for plastic materials). For certain materials (see cardboard papers) or certain brand owners considering the respect of positive list is not sufficient the respect of negative list is controlled.

Control of chemical risk by the control of packaging composition.

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There are over 2000 potentially usable substances in packaging materials. Therefore, systematic analysis to check that all the substances used are authorized substances is impossible. It is, therefore, a game of transmission of information on the composition of additives, materials, finished materials, which are provided in cascade by all the actors of the value chain, which makes it possible to ensure that the material composition respects the use of authorized components.

The control of the respect of negative lists is easier as it is generally performed through dedicated analyses from solvent extracts of the packaging.