Take care of communicating vessels

Check recommendations, normalization, regulation requirements

All the regulations and standards impose constraints of various kinds on the design, composition and appearance of packaging; While it is important to respect all of the obligations, it is also necessary to take a more global view in order to be aware of the effects of a communicating vessel between the solutions provided and ultimately to choose compromises more easily.

Adopt a structured approach to find compromises between the various constraints brought about by standards and regulations.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
Comments, links

List the different standards and regulations associated with the food packaging product.


  • Identify those that do not fall under an obligation or under optional technical choices.
  • Identify the other elements of the specifications (technical, consumer acceptability, economic, environmental efficiency).
  • Identify the links between the different options of packaging adaptation for all these constraints.
  • Identify compromises, particularly by skipping optional constraints and using an internal tool with empiric quotations of the packaging options.