Adaptation of the packaging to the retailing step

Check, adjust, improve packaging functionnality

The technical specifications associated with the distribution stage are often neglected in the initial process of optimizing a packaging; o often mistakenly considers that a transport operation characterizes the retailing stage. In reality, we must consider the three key stages, which are (i) transport, (ii) unpacking (iii) shelving.

Skip the technical barrier during the retailing step.

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Optimize the reduction of voids at the scale of tertiary, secondary, and primary packaging; optimize primary secondary and tertiary packaging and the packing of stacks of packs to overcome the damage of the packaging.


This step is often considered as only associated with the practicality of the secondary packaging, but the technical solutions and the efficiency of secondary packaging unpacking is also linked to a good adaptation of primary packaging to the secondary packaging.


The facing and packing of primary packaging series in secondary packaging must be adapted to an easy installation for operators, good facing for consumer attractability, and correct dimensions to fill the shelves fully.