Adaptation of the packaging to the conditioning step

Check, adjust, improve packaging functionnality

The operating conditions of product packaging operation point out specific characteristics which must be addressed in the functional specifications of the packaging.

Skip the technical barrier during the product packaging operation.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Manipulating films

Slip: important property to facilitate the passage of the film through packaging machines.

Controlled deformation: a low deformation is looked for; when it is not possible to avoid, the printed images on the film must take into account the future deformation; film deformation must then be strictly repeatable.

Controlled by using dedicated additives (slip agent).

Manipulating trays

Depilability / unstackability : important property.

Controlled by dedicated additives and packaging design.

Passage on conveyor belt

Electrostatic properties

Controlled by using dedicated additives.