Rethink the market target

Adress macroeconomic barriers & opportunities

Following macroeconomic rules and incentive policies secure the development of technologies characterized by incremental innovation. Disruptive technologies are disadvantaged by multiple macroeconomic factors that lead to their maintenance as a niche market.

To get out of this scheme that gives new technologies a low chance, a business strategy can ignore short-term macroeconomic constraints to ensure long term development of the technology.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Inventory of all short term barriers to the market (macroeconomic, and all barriers in relation to the low scale production and development: environmental, consumer acceptability, technical maturity, unadapted regulation and normalization…).

Construction of development scenarios from niche to mass markets allowing to skip the macroeconomic barriers and all associated barriers as an effect of communicating vessels progressively.

Make SWOT analysis to compare the different scenarios for the progressive development of the technology.