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Adress macroeconomic barriers & opportunities

Optimizing an isolated technology characteristic can have negative consequences, including those related to the final material cost. It is then necessary to evaluate the cost aspects systematically when dealing with packaging optimization. It is often considered that environmental impacts and cost optimization are fully good relationships. Speaking about energy or water-saving, this should be the case; but in reality, the cost impacts can also, in some cases, vary much more than the environmental impacts. It is therefore important to assess during the entire optimization process of a packaging technology all the impacts resulting from a technical modification of the technology or of the target market.

Ensure the market accessibility of the technology by using LCC analysis inserted in a whole multicriteria optimization.

Scientific based reccomendations and insights for practical applications
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Use dedicated tools to make LCC analysis together with LCA.

Use an internal tool with empiric quotations of the packaging regarding its cost and all other criteria, including environmental impacts, consumer acceptance, food safety risk, functionality, industrial technical feasibility, and compare this note to other packaging technical options.

Modulate the ponderations between the criteria in good accordance with your internal strategy. When cost aspects are still a barrier, consider long time scenarios that should be more favourable.